What is a Cut-a-way Body?

The bodies are basically the same, consisting of a “box” made out of aluminum or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood). The difference comes in the type of chassis the bodies are mounted on. A cutaway body is mounted on a van chassis, whereas a dry freight van body is mounted on a truck chassis?

Customize your Cut-A-Way 

J&B customizes dry freight bodies.

What is a Dry Freight Van Body?

A dry freight van body is a “box” type body mounted onto a truck chassis. They are built in various lengths and sizes and are constructed out of either aluminum or FRP. Unlike a cutaway body, it is not possible to install a cab to body bulkhead pass-through door on a van body.

Customize your Dry Freight

What is a Vanscaper?

Built for hard-working lawn care/landscaping contractors, this body is built tough to handle whatever conditions your job site will dish out.

Customize your Vanscaper 

J&B customizes sprinter upfits.

Why choose a Sprinter Truck Body?

Durability and performance come together with innovative design.

Customize your Sprinter 

J&B customizes trailers.

What makes FRP Trailers different?

Constructed with FRP (fiberglass reinforced plywood) a durable, impact resistance trailer that will also eliminate the chance of any rusting.

Customize your Trailer 

J&B customizes trailers.

Why choose J&B to customize your CM Truck Bed Utility Truck Body?

We want to help you choose the right features for your needs. You’ll be impressed with the durable and long-lasting hardware we can add to this upfit.

Customize your Utility Body 

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